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Choosing Fonts for your Brand

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Choosing the best font for your brand can be overwhelming and requires a lot of time and decision-making. Knowing the different typefaces and combinations can make things easier for both the designer and the client. In typography, the terms font and typeface tend to get mixed up and is often used as if it meant the same thing. A typeface refers to the name of a collection of related fonts, let’s say Helvetica, while font refers to the weight and style of that typeface, Helvetica Bold. Knowing the difference between these two terms is just the beginning, there are more factors to consider when choosing the right font for your brand:

Knowing your Brand Identity

Know your brand before choosing a font as it communicates the tone and image of your company. Pick three keywords that best describes your company and start from there. If your brand is “appetizing” and “organic”, you may want to consider serif typefaces. 

Pick your Top 3

Get an idea of the typefaces used by the brands you admire and if possible, dive deep into their logo making process to see why they chose such fonts. Narrow down to three different font choices and compare and contrast. The various lettering styles leave a lasting impression on the viewers which is what we are aiming for.

Look into Typography

It is basically the anatomy of the letters. Study the importance of letter spacing, distinguishing between different fonts, and how certain letter shapes, styles, and color can completely evoke feelings.

Consider Versatile Fonts

The font you choose should be responsive to your needs. From print to digital, the font styles may vary depending on the message you are trying to convey.


Show people a few mock-ups of your soon-to-be brand font and always ask for feedback. They may help you point out any flaws that you missed.

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