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Top 3 UI Design Tools

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UI design tools help designers transform their ideas into high quality and accurate wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. It’s basically the structural fundamentals of a design while communicating its functionality. UI designers mainly focus on the user’s experience, from the structure to the flow of the entire experience.

Adobe XD

Before I found out about Adobe XD, I have always created and designed wireframes and mockups using either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Thanks to its existence, it has made web design even more efficient with its realistic, vector-based tools. Since I’m an avid Adobe user, it helps knowing that there are different tools for different purposes on the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.


Figma is a free online tool also used to create, collaborate, and prototype and is available on desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Although I have not completely switched from Adobe XD, I have seen a lot of product designers use Figma.


Although Sketch is also one of the top UI design tools, it is only limited to the macOS, which can be hindrance to those who prefer using Windows OS or Linux. Similar to XD, Sketch does not require an internet connect so you can continue to create designs offline and allows you to save locally.

 As a UI designer myself, I am open to trying other design tools to boost my efficiency at work. Any of these three programs have enough functionality and features for an effective UI design. However, if you’re just getting started in UI, Figma’s free version, learning materials, and ability to work on any computer or mobile device is the best choice for beginners.

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