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A Graphic Designer’s Nightmare: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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A graphic designer spends countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen, eyes locked on the project, both hands on the keyboard and mouse. Due to the lack of motion and breaks during work, designers often experience back pain from crouching, eye strain from staring at the screen, headaches, and wrist pain. However, there are multiple ways to tackle these problems with a few simple routine changes for a more healthy and productive work style.


I have recently enrolled in yoga classes to be taken after work. One hour of meditation and stretching can really put the 9 hours of stress and strain down and prepare for the next work day. Buying desk yoga cards can also be beneficial for people who are glued to their seats from 9 to 6 and have no time after work. Always take 5-10 minute breaks every hour to stretch and get the blood flow going.


Invest in a good desk chair and mouse. Adjust your monitor to eye level to prevent neck and eye strain and again, always take 5-10 minute breaks every hour to stretch and get the blood flow going.

Healthy Diet

Health is wealth and eating a proper diet and staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining your health. A lot of designers often skip their lunch breaks to finish their work but often go home with a banging headache. You simply cannot work on until if you don’t have any fuel for your body and mind. 

Mental Health

Graphic design can be stressful, it is your job to come up with a design in a snap. But that is not always the case when you are out of creative juices. It is always advisable to set realistic goals and deadlines. Your ability to work under pressure will be rendered insignificant if you are too overwhelmed and burnt out. Remember: you do not live to work; you work to live, to enjoy your life. To be productive at work is to put your mind and body first before anything else.


As a graphic designer, I am still working on and learning new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being productive at work. I listen to my body. There is no need to put so much pressure on yourself when you can ask your colleagues for a helping hand.

Click this link to learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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