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Redesigning a UI/UX

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Product designers are involved in the overall design process or a product or service and work for a variety of industries from restaurants to nursing homes. Whether a company wants to start a business or renew its brand image, product designers are hired to create designs from zero or redesign a product depending on the company’s needs. There are things to consider, challenges to face, and different approaches when designing something completely new and redesigning an existing product. Here are some of mine:


Designing a new website is more ambitious and challenging than redesigning an existing one. It requires more planning, patience, and forethought because a client’s instructions could only do so much and the expectations are set sky high. In order to meet the needs of the consumers, you have to do your research while taking into account the image of the brand or company and translate their concept into a feasible design. Good ideas will remain ideas if not implemented properly. Typically, initial designs go through a lot of revisions which can be challenging, but hey, that leaves all the more room for creativity. After all, it’s all in your hands.


Redesigning a website is not as challenging because you have a history to look back on. However, it’s not all about changing its appearance but about solving the problems in the existing one. You have to be good at finding the flaws so you can work on fixing them. If you somehow find it difficult to see the flaws, you have to utilize the users’ input and ask where they feel troubled. There are countless reasons as to why a company wants to renew its website; it may be getting out-dated or is too static compared to the modern websites. Companies jump on the bandwagon and want their websites to look modern to let everybody else know that they are up to date. Designers must study and research similar websites and latest trends and try to extract the main elements that does magic to attract users. Break down the current design and make it better.

At MNET, we aim to fulfill the needs, wants, and desires of our clients by utilizing our expertise in IT, Design, and Marketing. We continue to grow and keep up with the latest technological advancements and design trends in this ever changing world. We cater to all local businesses of all sizes.

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