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The Basics of Logo Design

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Creating a logo for a company or brand is one of the most important and challenging steps. A good logo is straightforward, it clearly expresses the intended message. Based on my experience as a graphic designer, here are a few principles I consider when designing a logo: Is it simple? Memorable? Versatile? Contain relevant colors and typefaces? 

Keep it Simple.

Simplicity is best. A logo with a few details is bold and striking, therefore eye-catchy for your audience compared to a logo that is too ornate, limiting versatility. The goal is to leave a lasting impression.

Make it Memorable.

When creating a logo, it is crucial to keep the brand’s identity and value proposition in mind and pinpoint the characteristics that make the brand or company unique. This element makes your logo stand out to your target market and from the rest of the brands.

Make it Versatile.

A logo’s purpose is for its brand to reach out to its audience through multiple platforms and should be easily adaptable to different formats, from digital to print. A best way to ensure flexibility is to create it in a black and white canvas then add colors afterwards.

Make it Relevant.

A logo is what the world sees when they interact with your brand. You have to carefully consider the story behind your logo by choosing the right colors and the ideal typeface to make it relevant and compelling. Color theory plays a vital role in logo design as it guides how colors work together to create a visually appealing design.

These outlines are the most basic, fundamental rules you have to abide by to bring your your brand to life. There is no need to rush when creating an effective logo. Make it make sense and timeless.

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