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Chill Treks

ブランコ リカ

The best trips are usually the random, unplanned ones. Last weekend, my friends and I went to Wakayama to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The trip was planned three months before but we had to make some changes due to the weather. We spent our first day trekking to see Japan’s tallest single drop waterfall, Nachi Falls. While it was breathtaking and memorable, I have never taken into account the benefits of chill treks. From the calming sound of the wind and immersing yourself in nature, trekking provides quite a number of benefits; physical and mental.

Improves overall fitness

Trekking obviously requires physical strength and though one person may be faster than the other, chill treks are all about going at your own pace while appreciating nature and going through tough terrains. It is the best way to lose weight, sightseeing and enjoying the view instead of running in the same place for an hour at the gym.

Reduces stress

The common source of stress is your daily routine of waking up to go to work and leaving work. Taking your time off and going off into the wilderness makes you forget you were ever employed because you are focused on making it to your destination! 

Nurture and create bonds

When hiking, you either go alone or with friends. Trekking with other people can create or strengthen lifelong friendships. You are able to spend time away from your smartphones and actually bond with the group, encouraging each other to keeping going despite the hole in your sandal (true story).

Cultural understanding

The trail wasn’t as long as we thought. We passed by local Japanese stores and temples before reaching our destination. It wasn’t a 100 percent nature but the experience was amazing. 

After my most recent travel, I have come to realize that trekking isn’t as bad as I thought. Well, maybe not in the summer when cicadas are at its peak. Trekking is great way to challenge yourself in nature while cleansing your mind off of the stress.

ブランコ リカ


セブ工科大学で情報技術学科卒業。2019 年に日本語を勉強するために来日した。 グラフィック デザイナーとして自動車会社に入社し、テクノロジー業界の視野を広げ、グラフィック デザインへの情熱を追求した。 顧客に高品質のサービスを提供するという会社の使命とビジョンに感銘を受け、現在の会社に入社。