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枝豆専門店EDAMA・Meee ロゴ・パッケージデザイン制作



ディレクション / デザイン/ロゴ/パッケージデザイン/ブランディング


Designing the logo and packaging for Edama・Meee involved capturing the essence of freshness, health, and sustainability, while resonating with the target audience through strategic use of visual elements.


We captured the freshness and health aspects of the product when making our first draft for the logo design. It involved careful consideration of color, shape, and typography that is essential to evoke the nutritional benefits and appeal of edamame. The goal was to create a compelling visual representation that resonates with the target audience that sets the brand apart.

Color Palette・Favicon

We chose light and dark green for the logo design to convey the freshness and natural appeal of the edamame. Light green represents vitality and health, while dark green signifies sustainability and organic quality, aligning with the brand’s values and appealing to the target audience.

Custom Illustrations

The client requested simple instructional line illustrations to convey a clear and easy-to-understand visual message. These illustrations are effective for communicating step-by-step processes or information, ensuring that the audience can quickly grasp the intended concepts without confusion or distraction.

Seamless Pattern Design

We also included a seamless pattern to evoke a warm and inviting feeling while showcasing the natural aspect of the edamame. The playful and approachable design reflects the enjoyable and wholesome nature of the edamame experience.

Packing Design

A simple yet elegant packaging design to convey a sense of sophistication and quality while maintaining the focus on the natural and wholesome attributes of the product. The minimalist approach emphasizes the purity of the edamame, appealing to discerning consumers seeking a premium, unadulterated experience. Additionally, the sleek and uncluttered design reinforces the idea of freshness and aligns with a modern, upscale aesthetic that speaks to the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality.

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