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Cats: Chonky Stress Relievers

ブランコ リカ

Felines, without a doubt, relieve any form of stress and anxiety; from their meows, purrs, nudges to their aloofness. If you’re a cat-person, you would know that these small acts are beneficial to our mental health. However, if you’re not a cat-person and think cats are out of the question, let me talk you out of that. Here are a few reasons why cats relieve stress:

The Stress-Loaves

Cats relieve stress simply by being themselves. They make good companions and they can also tell when you have had a bad day. Spending time with your cat after a hectic day at work can cause your body to jump into relax-mode; whether you are greeted with a head nudge, their cute meows, or when they are loafing, they bring out your happy hormones and have a lasting, positive effect on your health (and the rest of your day).

The Cat Boss

They say a dog is a man’s best friend; simply because they are obedient and do as their master says. However, that’s not the case with cat owners; they become the masters, the bosses while you become the clingy slave that is always craving your cat’s attention. And by doing that, you are already relieving stress unknowingly when you are seeking the cat’s attention. You forget all worries about work, relationships, and your bills.

Cats are very loving and affectionate despite their tendencies of being aloof and stubborn. Just like any other pet, all cats come with different personalities and their own unique perks, and depending on what kind of person you are, they are a reflection of you. Cats make you feel like you matter.

ブランコ リカ


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